Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic- written on May 3

Our first appointment today is at 11:30 a.m. CST to review the blood work and extensive EMG (Electromyography – a diagnostic procedure to assess the health of Jeff’s muscles and the nerve cells that control them (motor neurons)).

As we anxiously, fearfully, hopefully await the results, we know a team of Dr.’s are gathering, discussing, and reviewing yesterday’s evaluation right now. Please pray for these brilliant minds to discover something different…something unexpected…something that will change our current fears.


We believe that God is at work each and every day. It can get tiresome to pray the same prayer over and over, day after day, and not see it come to fruition. We are praying for total healing. In fact, we are desperately begging for total healing. But, would you also join us in praying for “something.” Pray for us to see light today, however small. There are innumerable steps God might use each day to change our course and alter our life. We have courage to believe that God is doing something in our life at this very moment.

Please, would you pray for total healing? But also, please ask God do “something, anything” powerful today to help Jeff, and believe it with all your heart that he will? Tomorrow, will you ask for more? And the next day. And the next. Do not lose heart.


Jeff & Tara

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