Written May 31


It’s the first week of summer break and our routine for the past 10 years is to pack our pool bags almost daily and settle in for a long, hot, laughter filled, but relaxing day.

My favorite days are when Jeff calls and says, “I’m taking a break, can I meet you at the pool for lunch?” Today was my lucky day! He shows up wearing a black polo shirt, dark grey dress pants and freshly shined black shoes. Bow chicka wow wow! Oh, and that classic “Jeff Homan grin.” You know that smile I’m talking about?! It’s his signature. The kids and I are suited up, lathered in sun screen, with wind blown hair and a touch of pink to our sun kissed skin. We have the pool nearly to ourselves. I enjoy the solitude. I breathe in deep, exhale the anxieties, fears, and emotions that are threatening to drown me and I soak up the warm sun as it beats down relentlessly on my skin. It feels good. I sit with a soft grin on my face as I watch my boys love on their cousins. Kensington gets lathered up in entirely too much sunscreen and I tighten her floaties precisely at the moment she demands that she has to go potty…reeeeeeeally bad! Of course. I wouldn’t expect anything different! Cole takes care of that responsibility while Evan chases Britton around the pool, encouraging him to take his first cannon ball and also making sure his pants stay up! Cover those baby buns, Britton!

Sitting around the picnic table today, we solve no problems. We resolve no conflicts. We just talk. I feel the burn in my throat and the water in my eyes from sipping a large fountain coke entirely too fast, and all is right in the world at this very moment. It feels good to be loved. It feels good to be wanted. It feels good to be chosen, pursued, and a priority. It feels good to soak up summer with my crew. These are the days seared in my mind. They are little. They are seemingly insignificant. But oh they are valued, remembered and adored. I trust you will do the same this summer. Make it remarkable. Even if it’s just sitting in your swimsuit, eating a turkey lettuce wrap from Jimmy Johns slathered in mayo with a large McDonald’s coke. Combine that with your precious cargo in this life (my husband and 2 boys) and I’d say that’s a pretty remarkable day.

As I watch him walk away, step inside that little black car and drive away, I am thankful for him, for moments like this and I am reminded not to take these everyday remarkable moments for granted. Jeff is pulled into a thousand different directions during the day. All good things, but all competing for his time and energy. The meetings, the trips, the trainings and certifications…he balances it all so well with the loved ones in his world…his family wants him not for what he can do for us (much like work demands) but for who he is. God has entrusted precious cargo to us…our spouse, children and friends. Our job is to do our part in seeing that this cargo reaches its destination. That takes time and a deliberate choice to say NO to the important (work) in order to say YES to the vital (family and friends). Jeff does that very well…remarkably well.

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