Rock Climbing

Written June 13


As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, here are photos from our climbing trip! Joy in the midst of pain. It is possible to have both great joy and grief in the midst of trials. Oh but joy and suffering can exist together and you better believe we are searching, finding and savoring the joyous moments…for there are lots of them.

Our Memorial Day hiking/climbing trip was postponed due to rain. We rescheduled our trip and went last weekend to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Ahhhhhhhh, what an unbelievable trip away together! Both Evan (age 10) and Cole (age 8) climb on a team in Indianapolis. Evan is a competitive climber and Cole will join the ranks next year. Evan earned an invitation to the National Championships in Bouldering this past February in Salt Lake City, Utah. This Saturday and Sunday he will compete in the Sport Climbing Divisional Championships in Minneapolis, MN. The top 6 climbers will advance to the National Championships in Atlanta, GA next month!



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