Show Us Your Power

Written on June 12


Round 2 IVIG has begun. Jeff has 3 hours of infusion today and tomorrow. Calling all prayer warriors…mount up! Will you also pray for all the other chairs that are filled today for infusion treatment? Different circumstances, different diseases, all children of God, loved and adored no matter what their life story is. It’s time to get ready for battle. Whatever battle you are going through, or storm you may be weathering as well, I encourage you all to put on the full Armor of God, your victory is coming.
(Ephesians 6:10-18)


Dear God, this is hard. This is really hard. The realities of this terrible disease rear its ugly head and drive us to our knees. We had an amazing weekend away together, hiking and rock climbing and enjoying, noooooooo, savoring, the sandstone Red River Gorge that you so delicately and purposefully created. Thank you. For a brief moment, joy filled our hearts, smiles could not be erased, and memories were permanently etched into our minds. As we returned home and settled in for the start of a new week, reality hit like a 1, 2 blow to the abdomen and I struggle to stand. I’m disoriented, bruised, and weary. But, I’m a fighter, he is a fighter…we have a 100% track record of getting back up after a fall. My eye lids are still swollen from the night…crying so hard I couldn’t breathe while Jeff wrapped his arms tightly around me. No words were spoken. His touch was enough for the moment. I was safe and secure. Thank you that he can still wrap his arms around me. Thank you for this man, this man who is my love, my friend, my supporter, my encourager, my life. Thank you for the reminder that YOU do the same for your children. You wrap your arms tightly around us, and promise that you have everything under control. We are safe, secure. I wish life wasn’t so hard, yet I know it’s the hardships that draw us nearer to You. Help us to be faithful today and every day, no matter what we face. I know you are hurting with us. Show us your glory, Lord. Show us your power. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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