15 years!

Today Jeff and I are celebrating 15 years of marriage!  Fist bump!!!  We met in high school math class.  He asked me for a piece of notebook paper EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Sooooo annoying.  Apparently I liked it, because I tried convincing him to come to my varsity volleyball matches…I mean, we wore BUN HUGGERS!  Google it.  That should have been enough to get the man to the sidelines.  We dated through college until I broke everyone’s heart and sent him packing.  My mother…heartbroken.  My father said “what are you thinking?!”  My twin brother…my sister…my friends…they all said I was crazy.  We were apart for 2 years until my best friend married Jeff’s best friend.  We were both in the wedding party and the rest (as the saying goes) is history.  My sister (17 years old at the time) found him at the wedding, danced with him and simply told him “you need to date my sister again.”

6 months later Jeff and I were engaged.

6 months later we were married.


15 years later, we have 2 beautiful boys.  Evan (age 11) looks like me, acts like Jeff.  Cole (age 9) looks like Jeff, acts like me.  Our relationship is now older than we were on that high school day in math class.  The passing years brought educational degrees, 2 precious boys, seasons of countless joy and storms of many kinds.  Our love is no longer young but it still feels young.  It feels youthful, but mature.  I look back on our teenage and college days when our love was young, alive, on fire.  15 years later our love has matured and is filled with rich life experiences.   It is a richer love.  Our life has been seasoned with laughter and tears.  I am an imperfect wife, married to an imperfect husband.  Our weaknesses, limitations and failures magnify our absolute need for God.  We both have a shared belief that we don’t deserve each other and that God has been immeasurably merciful to us.

I am more in love with him now than 15 years ago.  I still have a crush and my eyes brighten and my smile widens at the most ordinary times…when he’s doing homework with the boys, snuggling with them on the couch, watching his face as he watches them rock climb, when I flip his collar and kiss his lips before work, when he walks in the door after a long day in the office, when he grabs my hand or touches the small of my back, letting me know “I’m here…I’ve got you.”

I love these words by John Piper:  “The better the marriage, the greater glimpse we get of what’s coming for us all:  a steadily growing, deeper, richer, stronger love for all eternity.”

Wine is better with age.  So is love.  Happy 15 years Jeff Homan!

Together, Jeff and I recently wrote family values for our boys.  Values that we have learned through rich life experiences.  Values that have been modeled for us through our parents (mine married 42 years until my fathers death and Jeff’s parents married for 46 years).  With a history rich in love, below are our hopes and dreams for our children.




10 thoughts on “15 years!

  1. Your writing always brings tenderness to my heart, water to my eyes and a thankfulness to God for all He has done and will continue to do. Life is not fair; we all know that, but through it all wr’ll Keep our eyes focused above. I’m so incredibly proud of you and Jeff and as I️ have from the beginning, I️ will pray without ceasing.

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  2. First, you’re welcome! Still grateful my wedding day brought you back to each other! Second, WOW. Words to live by for sure. Your boys are being raised to be strong, faithful, amazing men!

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  3. Lovely, beautiful and true words 💕 happy anniversary 🌷 some people search their entire lifetime and never find what you have found in each other

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  4. I Enjoyed the trip down memory lane-and your journey continues as your love grows stronger each day. “Always Have Hope” is so important each day-some days it waivers but we remember God holds us in the palm of His hand-He carries us through. We love you both as you celebrate your special day. Happy Anniversary ❤️!

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  5. Just reading this, and apparently chopping onions…

    We definitely thought you were crazy when you broke it off; we’ve loved Jeff from day one, and I’m so happy for you guys. Love ya’ll.

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