A place called HOME

There are some things in life that you never forget and nothing quite compares to childhood memories.  So for a moment, forget about the stresses and anxieties of life and take a trip with us; A trip down memory lane.QUOTEA dear friend and photographer (Jill Reid, Raindancer Studios) came over a few days after the moving truck left to capture some raw images of us in our empty home.  Jeff and I took some time to reminisce about all the happy things that took place within these walls.  We worked hard to build a happy home…a safe place where we came together daily and could be real and authentic.  A place where life was celebrated and lessons were learned.  This home was filled with laughter.  Boys.  Adventure.  Love.  Dreams.  Creativity.  Dirt.  Crumbs.  Mess.  Oh, but a beautiful mess.  Noise.  Tears.  And, never ending laundry.

Homan House 2017-23Homan House 2017-1Homan House 2017-3Homan House 2017-5Homan House 2017-8Homan House 2017-12Homan House 2017-13Homan House 2017-14

Everyday was an adventure, filled with a pack of 7 boys roaming from house to house in the neighborhood.  Often a group text would go out looking for the pack!  “Where are the boys now?”  A cluster of bicycles lined the driveway, 14 shoes scattered by the back door, the sound of basketballs hitting my walls and ceiling (and scuff marks to prove it) and the beautiful laughter of childhood friends filled our home.  At first the front door would ring.  Then a knock at the back door.  Eventually the boys became comfortable enough to just walk in.  I love them as my own (and I love and adore their parents) and I already miss their presence.  It was our desire from the very beginning to create a home, an environment, where our boys wanted to be.  A place they wanted to bring their friends and where they could build lifelong memories and friendships.

The boys would sprint in sock feet across the family room floor and slide on their knees from one side to the other.  I would sigh, grin and roll my eyes as they aggressively high fived each other.  Loud music echoed off the walls and vibrated in my chest, as we would host daily dance offs…my boys would then roll their eyes at me!  It was a big WIN for me when I got the most reserved child in the group to sing and dance!  Ha!  Beautiful.

From marshmallow guns, rock climbing competitions in the garage, forts and tree climbing.  To trampoline slam dunk contests, gaming, movie nights and nerf wars.  From basketball scrimmages, football pickup games, popsicles and 1/2 drunk Gatorade bottles tossed across my driveway.  Cookouts to swim team to hiking and crawdad searching.  Concerts and pizza and the neighborhood candy store trips on bikes.  Water balloon fights, parks, playing in the rain, broken bones and stitches.  Every new day was more interesting than the last.  I imagine these memories will stay with us forever.  Our time in this home will be etched in my mind and our hope and desire is that the friendships that grew here will always remain as an everlasting bond.  As the saying goes, one chapter closes and a new one begins.  We did it, Jeff Homan!  We smile at what was, we smile at what is, and we smile at what’s to come.  We will work to create the same environment in our new home.  We’re looking forward to many fun adventures and we’ll open our hearts to new friendships as well!

5 thoughts on “A place called HOME

  1. Tara, I love reading your thoughts and adventures, whether happy or sad you handle it the best way you can, with God’s help. I am so proud to know you guys and you never leave my thoughts. I love yall and pray for you guys every day. 😘😘😘

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