AMX0035: Phase II

Jeff and I are currently in route to Ohio State University for an evaluation to be selected for a Phase II Clinical Trial. It is a 2:1 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase II trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of AMX0035 for the treatment of ALS. What does that mean?! AMX0035 is a combination of two drugs that he will take in powder form for 6 months. He has a 66% chance of getting the drug and a 33% chance of getting a placebo.

This clinical trial is designed to demonstrate that treatment is safe, tolerable, and able to slow decline in function. The trial will also assess the effects of the drug on muscle strength, respiratory function, and blood biomarkers of nerve cell death.

Jeff will continue to stay on the IV treatment, Radacava. We do not believe that this drug is effective, however we don’t know that. There is no way to measure the effectiveness of it so until a better option presents itself, we will continue the current course of treatment, in addition to the clinical trial meds if he is selected. We are traveling with IV bags for a hotel drip session tonight. Jammies, IV drip, junk tv and just the 2 of us sounds like a lovely date night. My, how our evenings have changed!

Dear friends of ours will bring Evan and Cole to us tomorrow night.  They have a rock climbing tournament in Columbus, Ohio this Saturday – that worked out nicely!  We get to spend today hopeful for a new treatment and this weekend watching our boys compete in something they love.  I’ll call that a WIN!  Make it a good day, friends!

It’s time…to Shred ALS!

Tara & Jeff


13 thoughts on “AMX0035: Phase II

  1. So in awe of you and your family!
    Your faith, tenacity and love are such wonderful attributes during this journey.
    You are an inspiration to all..true disciples.


  2. I continue to hold you in highest possibility. What seems evident to me is God’s presence with you and in this situation because LOVE is what pours out of your fingers and into your posts, and that LOVE is what keeps inspiring those of us who love and support you. May you feel that Presence, and know that Love in a powerful way this weekend….and, of course, going forward. Always forward.


  3. Always thinking about your family. I enjoy seeing your inspirational posts as you tackle this challenge. May this round of possibilities bring good news!

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  4. Jeff is such a fighter; his courage in the face of what is an unbearable trial is just amazing, and your support and love for him just shines through. Love you guys.

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