6 week trip of a lifetime: RESILIENCE

(After posting via Facebook last week, I realized that I want a copy on my blog for my boys to have one day…so I’ll start documenting here regularly. Daily photos still being listed via Instagram @homans.liveoutloud)

Day 1 of 41 of our trek out west! (Most daily images will be posted on Instagram @homans.liveoutloud). The efforts of so many people have made this dream possible for our family and we are eternally grateful! The trip came together in just a few short weeks and now here we are…on the road to resilience.

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, or significant sources of stress. We will have many chances to build resilience on our trip. After all, we started the morning off with a fall, followed by the full efforts of Doug and I to carry Jeff into the RV. We will do this many times a day, in the face of significant stress, but with an abundance of love. We have young watchful eyes on us and a big opportunity to help develop resilience in our boys.

Everyone reacts differently to traumatic and stressful events, but ultimately our capacity to rebound from adversity will be stronger, and we can allow it to transform and empower us. Jeff and I want them to keep moving forward in spite of our challenges, obstacles, and disappointments. We also want them to be positive and optimistic when they have every reason not to be.

So here we go…For the next 6 weeks, I’m driving a 38 foot RV, hauling a wheelchair accessible van! I just accessed Jeff’s port with a NEEDLE and hooked him up to his IV drip, all while in the RV. Feeling stronger. Feeling more empowered. But it doesn’t come without stress, fear, anxiety and even tears. It doesn’t come without pure exhaustion, frustration and even anger. All normal emotions. We are committed to living an extraordinary life. We are committed to making the best of our circumstances. But even so, we still have to wade through the muck of emotions. We have an opportunity in front of us…to become stronger, together. #shredALS

One thought on “6 week trip of a lifetime: RESILIENCE

  1. I wonder if you can print this blog into a book someday? Having something to touch and hold while you read is huge to me!

    Love following you on your adventures. Thank you for sharing “the real”!

    Praying for your safety and the memories you are creating!


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