ABUNDANT LIFE – Miss you Dad

What is an abundant life? God promises we can be prosperous and have an abundant life but sometimes I feel like I’m just getting pummeled. 4 years. 4 grief filled years without my dad. I remember the phone call. The long 5 hour drive from midnight to 5 am. The first time I saw him in the ICU and fully grasped the gravity of what was happening. Comforting his 90+ year old mother. Coming home without him. Returning to life. I want an abundant life. My dad would want me to seek it and find it and live it too.

You’ve heard it before, right? Many people in the Bible have had lives of struggle, suffering and pain, yet seemed to experience abundant life. Even Paul talked about joy and peace under excruciating circumstances. I have been changed by Christ and perhaps that’s abundant life – I am finding my life sufficiency in Him alone. The Bible shows we can be remarkably blessed, and live an abundant life, in the midst of very difficult circumstances. It’s not about what we HAVE. It’s about what we RECEIVE as a gift…that can only come from God. A gift is given, but you have to receive it.

I am a child of God. Imagine what you would do for your own child. Now imagine what your Father wants for you. How do you know if you have an abundant life? I don’t know, I’m still searching, but perhaps when you share life with others. God blesses us with love, mercy, grace, peace, etc – spread that gift to others as Christ designed. When we love God and are satisfied by Him so deeply that it frees us to love others, and then He becomes more visible and clear, then I truly believe you’re living an abundant life. I know my dad is enjoying an abundant life 💙. Love you with all my heart Dad. “I’m gonna love you ‘til my heart stops beating.” And then I’ll see your sweet face again. I still hear his voice. I still feel his presence. When we come to challenging decisions, Jeff will say “what would your dad say?” Or I will ask “I wonder what dad would say” and Jeff will reply with confidence….”I know exactly what he would say.” He would say “Take emotion out of it…it’s not about what you deserve or think you should have.”

“But I really want that white Jeep Rubicon/Sahara!”

“You deserve it, but your dad would say no. Not under our circumstances.”

He’s still there. But it still hurts like hell. I’ll never forget this sound clip from my boys and Amanda’s firstborn: Click the link below.


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